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Learning Holistic Wellness Tools

Kelly Yoga and Nutrition Workshop WWC Ap

I am pleased to offer an opportunity for others to learn from my knowledge and

experiences, through the form of workshops and presentations.  I have had many 

years of experience on this wellness journey that I have personally been on, and I'm

always excited to have a chance to share with others.  Empowering others with the

gifts I have received is such a passion of mine!

I currently have a few workshops / presentations that I am able to offer at this time.

And I will add others to this page once they are completed and ready to go.



This is a workshop I have developed after many years of learning about the

traditional Indigenous Medicine Wheel.  I have been blessed with some great 

teachers, including Elders, who have guided me and shown me how important it is to live in balance, and how using the teachings of the Medicine Wheel can be such a powerful tool in learning how to live in harmony with oneself, others, and Mother Nature.

**more detailed description to follow shortly...


After attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Dartmouth, NS, I realized that there was a lot I previously didn't know about how to eat healthy.  And now that I have that knowledge, I want to share it with others to help improve the way we eat, and think, about food.  I have developed a presentation on some basic information and fundamental concepts around holistic nutrition.  It includes some simple tools that we can start to use right away to start noticing a difference in how we feel.  The wonderful thing about holistic nutrition is that it takes into account more than just the food we put into our mouths.  

**more detailed description to follow shortly...


If you, or your group, is interested in learning more about holistic healing, holistic nutrition, wellness, or any of the services I have to offer, I'd be more than happy to customize a workshop or presentation based on your interests and needs.  We can work together to come up with something that fits.

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